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We are one of the few debt consolidation companies, that has a primary focus on helping people through their debt problems and to assist in keeping their homes.
Our vast experience in the debt consolidation industry and tenacious approach to your solution enables us to achieve successful results. We present clients with debt consolidation plans that are customised to suit their current financial situation and to bundle the right debts into the right home loan.

  • We are Specialists.
  • We are a Boutique Finance Company.
  • We value Clients.
  • You are More than a Number.
  • You are more than your Situation.

So contact The Loansaver Network to get the ‘Yes’ you need for your debt solution

Who Is Loan Saver Network

Our Company Mission
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The Loan Saver Network Promise
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Our Skills

Lender Knowledge 100
Approachable 85
Communication 95
Solution Focus 85
Tenacity 100

What Clients Say

“We were in heaps of trouble. the ATO were breathing down our neck and we didn’t know which way to turn. They were talking Bankruptcy which was mad because were were trading well now. Anyhow, Colin at Loan Saver helped us refinance to pay out tax and reduced our payments by $1400 a month.”
John Fisher, Tax Debt
“After losing my job last year we used our credit cards to survive. Since back at work we struggled to find a lender to refinance the cards and some other smaller payday loans because I has some defaults. Loan Saver helped out and our payments have dropped by $900 a month.”
Luke Beck, Debt Consolidation