Josie's Car Loan - Success Story

Josie was looking a car loan as her current car kept breaking down. She used her car for work so needed a reliable car. Josie had some credit problems with 3 defaults caused from a failed business some time ago, though they were all paid. Josie has to get a loan prior to talking to us, however she had a bad experience with another broker and was dis-heartened.

We found a lender at quite a competitive rate with a loan structure that minimised her payments. Learn More about bad credit car loans…

What Josie Says

“I had some problems a few years ago trying to get a business started, it left me with some credit problems. I didn’t think i could get a loan and was embarrassed to even try. Loan Saver were very easy to work with and didn’t bat an eye lid about my defaults.”
Josie, on her experience
“The new loan only took a couple of days before i had an approval. The process was very simple and we worked out what i could afford in loan payments. I’m now driving a new car at quite a competitive rate.”
Josie, on her new loan

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