We help our clients reduce their monthly payments by combining different debts into one manageable debt consolidation home loan. Some debts that can be combined when you refinance your existing home loan into a debt consolidation mortgage are credit card payments, car loans, personal loans, store credit cards, tax debts and more. Get a solution to your debt problems today by contacting us.

Reasons To Apply For A Debt Consolidation Home Loan

Clear Debts

Refinancing with a debt consolidation mortgage can combine your good and bad debts into one simple loan is easier to manage and can help Get Creditors Off Your Back.

Reduce Payments

Slashing the interest rate on your high interest debts such as credit cards down to your home loan rate means lower monthly repayments and money saved.

Save Thousands

Consolidating your debts means you reduce your overall interest rate, manage only one payment and save yourself thousands. Improve your budget and cash flow.

Been Declined?

Even if you’ve been declined before, Yes.net.au are experts in good and bad credit. We consistently place loans that have been declined previously.
  • Stressed by your Debts and seeking a Debt Consolidation?

  • Wondering how to meet your payments and have a life?

  • Looking for a expert advice and experience?

At Loan Saver Network we’ve been helping people just like you with their debt consolidation & finance problems for over 14 years. Have you been declined by a lender? Have Credit defaults? a lumpy payment history or been in your job a short term. This is where Loan Saver Network is here to help. We have all heard how Debt Consolidation can offer fantastic benefits such as reduced payments interest savings, along with getting those creditors off your back. ….

We are here to Help

Work with debt consolidation home loan experts who have a primary focus on helping people through their debt problems, to help them keep their homes and move their finances forward.
Our vast experience in the debt consolidation industry helps us present clients with debt consolidation plans that are customised to suit their current financial situation and to bundle the their debts into a competitive home loan.

One of the primary goals of debt consolidation home loans is to  reduce the amount of debts that are carrying high interest rates.

What are some of the causes of unmanageable Debt?

Goals of Debt Consolidation

Can a Debt Consolidation Loan be obtained with Credit Issues?

Calculate your Savings with our Debt Consolidation Calculator

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Loan Saver Network can help you plan your debt consolidation mortgage, choose the right lender for your needs, consolidate your debts and plan or budget for the future so you have a better chance of staying ahead.
We have witnessed many different situations that have led to people just like you to struggle with their finances, or obtaining a debt consolidation. It is nothing to be embarrassed about and we will help you in a professional and friendly way, which has your interests as the most important goal.

Talk to the Experts in Debt Assistance Today- it only takes a few minutes… and you might get an awesome result, with a competitive rate, reduced payments, restore your credit rating and so much more!” Submit an Enquiry above and we’ll be in contact in straight away to get your ball rolling.. otherwise contact us today on 1300 796 850.



Why Choose Us

  • Australian Credit Licensed 388005
  • Variety of Standard and Specialist lenders
  • 15 Years Lending Experience
  • Simple Straight Forward Solutions based Approach
  • Ongoing Support Program.

What Clients Say

Tabatha & Wayne– “We were in heaps of trouble. the ATO were breathing down our neck and we didn’t know which way to turn. They were talking Bankruptcy which was mad because were were trading well now. Anyhow, Colin at Loan Saver helped us refinance to pay out tax and reduced our payments by $1400 a month.”
Wayne, Debt Consolidation
Debra – “i thought getting over my health problems was hard enough for my family, the loans we took out, credit cards and financial stress nearly put me back in hospital. We were getting default notices and court letters almost every day. Since back at work we tried sorting everything out but no-one wanted to know us. Loan Saver helped out and our payments have dropped by $900 a month. “
Debra & Darren, Debt Consolidation
Darren– “Losing my job hit us like a brick in the face. We thought we were well prepared and had a back up but it took us longer to get back into work than we imagined. We loaded up with credit cards and short term loans to get us through. Loan Saver helped us and we ended up saving over $1300 a month off our debts, plus we now have a longer term plan to save even more money”
Debra & Darren, Debt Consolidation after redundancy
Josie – “After losing my job last year we used our credit cards to survive. Since back at work we struggled to find a lender to refinance the cards and some other smaller payday loans because I has some defaults. Loan Saver helped out and our payments have dropped by $900 a month.”
Josie, Bad Credit & a Car Loan