Top Causes of a Credit Default

Your credit file is one of your most valuable assets; which needs to be protected. An adverse credit rating by receiving a credit default can impact you applications for credit for 5-7 years. Most people don’t realise the impact of receiving a credit default until it’s too late. A credit default can impact your applications for any credit such as obtaining phone or internet accounts, or even various other home or business services. A credit default is something that can be avoided by simply understanding why people have issues, and how they can be avoided. By being more informed about people who deal with a credit default, you can help to make sure that you do not find yourself in the same situation. While there are seemingly endless causes for a credit default, there are three major causes. Knowing these causes can help you avoid a credit default in the future.

Credit Defaults from Unknown Missed Payments

Many people only realise they have a Credit Default when they are declined for some form of credit. There has been a credit default listed on their Credit Report and it has resulted in the decline. They may not even have any had any financial issues, but may have only mismanaged a bill or a service or phone contract. You may think your bill has been taken care of by closing the account; but if you cancel a contract early you may still have cancellation fees payable. It is quite common for the fees to cancelled a telephone contract to be anywhere from $2000 to $3000. The Phone contract will at times include the cost of the mobile handset, which can run into thousands of dollars. Other instances where a credit default is listed can be where a person has moved house, and there is an outstanding amount owing from a phone or service bill.

Known Missed Paymentscan also cause credit defaults

Some people, however, are completely aware they are facing credit defaults, but they are facing financial hardship and struggling to make their commitments. People do not simply decide to not pay their bills, it is a result of some other circumstance that puts them into this situation. The various situations that may put you at risk are:

  • Divorce
  • Sickness or inability to work.
  • Loss of a job
  • Failed Business

In these situations there is usually a loss of an income, but in the case of divorce there is an emotionally devastating event that affects how a person operates in their everyday life. There may be a change in living situation for both parties with a breakdown in communication, a ripe situation to cause a credit default.

Over committed by high interest debts

Over the last few years many people have applied for and received loans they could barely afford. As first home buyers they may need to spend money on buying furniture and getting their house in order and hence get themselves into large amounts of unsecured, high interest debt. A combination of credit cards, personal loans and a loss of an income can be devastating for a dual income family. The loss of an income in these circumstances can be from the birth of a baby, or a sickness, or loss of a job.

Being informed and knowing about the causes of credit defaults can help you to keep yourself from receiving a credit default. In any case, if you are listed with a default all is not lost; there are still bad credit mortgages and lenders that cater for finance solutions when an applicant has a default.

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