Specialist Solutions – Combination Home Loans


Consolidate Debts

Consolidate your good & bad debts into one manageable payment with a debt consolidation home loan. Get your Creditors off your back.

Reduce Payments

Bring your high interest rate debts down to your home loan rate reducing your payments

Save Thousands

Bringing your debts down to your home loan rate can can save you thousands.

Been Declined?

Even if you’ve been declined before, Loan Saver are experts in good and bad credit. We consistently place loans that have been declined previously.

We are here to Help

We are one of the few debt consolidation home loan experts, that has a primary focus on helping people through their debt problems, to help them keep their homes.
Our vast experience in the debt consolidation industry helps us present clients with debt consolidation plans that are customised to suit their current financial situation and to bundle the right debts into the right home loan that they can afford.
Often, a combination of services is required to effect a suitable debt consolidation loan, services including:

  • Negotiation of Debts – to allow longer settlement terms or reduced payouts.
  • Extending property foreclosure dates to allow a refinance settlement.
  • Obtaining exceptions to Lender Credit Policies
  • Training Accountants in ATO and other debt collection policies

Multiple requirements are often sought to rectify a financial problem. This may be grouped under debt consolidation home loans however requires expert guidance to effect a satisfactory settlement and a competitive loan structure. A debt consolidation home loan is suited to reduce the amount of debts carrying high interest rates, such as credit card debts, debt collectors debts, high interest car finance, store credit, tax debts,  and more.

Consolidating them or refinancing into one debt consolidation mortgage can reduce monthly payments to a more affordable level. It is much less stressful to have one larger home loan, than to have many different creditors constantly chasing you for payments.
Loan Saver Network can help you plan your debt consolidation mortgage, choose the right lender for your needs, consolidate the right debts and plan or budget for the future so you have a better chance of staying ahead.
We have witnessed many different situations that have led to people just like you to struggle with their finances. It is nothing to be embarrassed about and we will help you in a professional and friendly way, which has your interests as the most important goal.

So contact us today and let us explain the debt consolidation process and establish a debt consolidation home loan that could be the right option for you. It all starts with your Enquiry.


Why Choose Us

  • Australian Credit Licensed 388005
  • Variety of Standard and Specialist lenders
  • 15 Years Lending Experience
  • Simple Straight Forward Solutions based Approach
  • Ongoing Support Program.

What Clients Say

Julie – “My loan is a recovery loan as i hadn’t made any payments at all in the 12 months. The lender is great and easy to talk to. They’ve structured my loan payments so i can easily afford them.”
Julie, Paying Tax, Arrears, and Defaults
Tabatha & Wayne– “We were in heaps of trouble. the ATO were breathing down our neck and we didn’t know which way to turn. They were talking Bankruptcy which was mad because were were trading well now. Anyhow, Colin at Loan Saver helped us refinance to pay out tax and reduced our payments by $1400 a month.
Tabatha , Debt Consolidation