• What is the difference between one lender and another?
  • Do i need a Bad Credit Specialist?

There are many other questions you might have, but lets start with these two above. What exactly is the difference betwen two bad credit lenders? At the end of the day we all want to save money, move our financial and personal lives forward, meet someone and start a family and the difference between lenders in some ways relates to this. Lenders offer a variety of products all suited to a different purpose, to s lesser scale the difference between lenders is similar. Different lenders like or prefer certain types of clients. The variance may be in the credit history, the purpose of the money or the LVR or ratio of lend against the property value. Then each lender would assign a fee structure, and interest rate to lending that money. Hence there can be a wide gap between the fees, and the interest rates, and also how much each lender can lend against a property.

So, now that we have detailed this – the need for a Bad Credit Specialist who understands the various lenders, purposes, policies etc is very important to obtaining sufficient funds you need at the most competitive interest rate. If you think your current interest rate is too high, you might possibly be able to achieve a better bad credit mortgage rate from another bad credit lender. We currently have interest rates starting from 5.2% from lenders who specialise in Bad Credit however we have plenty of lenders and loans for a direct comparison.

Keep in mind most brokers don’t specialise in Bad Credit and have only one 1 or 2 lenders. Choose a specialist bad credit broker to assess and source the most competitive bad credit lender and product for you.

Key Benefits of finding the right Bad Credit Lender

  • Compare loans across a variety of Bad Credit Lenders
  • Use a Specialist Finance and Planning Professional
  • 12 years seasoned experience in Finance
  • Potentially Save thousands in $$$ interest
  • Start having a life again!

There are may bad credit lenders around all with different lending and approval policies. To ensure we offer the most competetive options, we follow strict guidelines and assessment procedures that are endorsed within our Australian Credit Licence and within ASIC policies and procedures.

If you are looking for a lower interest rate for refinancing your bad credit home loan, Loan Saver Network will assist you in finding the best home loan and interest rate available for you. Contact Loan Saver on 1300 796 850 or Apply for a Loan and we’ll get right to work.